Sergio and Hillary

A curious exploration of Paris-based Ukrainian-born artist, Sergio Ostroverhy, whose 15 year relationship with his large scale unfinished icon painting has pushed him to the margins as he races to complete it.

The painting is a 2.5m × 2m hyper-real depiction of a well known American figure modelled on an erotic Italian sculpture, which looms large over Sergio’s studio and has cost him nearly everything.

Sergio and Hillary
Sergio and Hillary
Sergio and Hillary

Sergio must now leave the Territory having been served notice and relocate to the UK, where his three sons live. In this final Territory chapter, he races to complete the painting and conquer his artistic nemesis once and for all and reflects on his time there and the cast of characters in the hundreds who have lived and worked with him.

With archival video and audio material spanning 15 years – including hours of diary entry recordings – this is a story about creator and his creation. It is a rare and intimate insight into the inner workings of an eccentric and committed artist today told by a fascinating collection of characters.

Sergio and Hillary
Sergio and Hillary
Sergio and Hillary
Sergio and Hillary

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